WHATCOM WRITES is a writing competition held in connection with our annual county-wide book club.

This year’s book, Timothy Egan’s The Big Burn, inspired the theme of hindsight. Some writers wrote with regret of questions not asked, paths not taken. Others looked back with humor and gratitude.

I wrote about my friend Edith Zwartendijk, the daughter of a Dutch diplomat who saved the lives of over two thousand Jews in Lithuania during World War Two. Only after his death in 1976, did Jan Zwartendijk’s heroic story come to light. Edith, now 92 years old, unveiled a memorial to her father last June in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Just, a biography of her father, already available in Dutch, is now available in English .

Click here to read my essay Memorial , included in this year’s WHATCOM WRITES anthology. Or you can purchase the complete anthology at Village Books.

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