When World War II sweeps over Europe, Danielle Loesseps escapes from Latvia under the protection of the Dutch consul, but her mother, the consul’s secretary, is left behind. For all lovers of historical fiction and stirring family sagas.

Daughters of Riga won first place in CIBA’s Hemingway Awards for 20th century wartime fiction. 

“Compelling characters in an explosive setting—couldn’t put the book down.” Amazon five star review.


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Introducing Sarah McKinney, lawyer and international mediator. Celebrating the conclusion of a case in London, Sarah is hit by a stray bullet. When she meets the intended target, a journalist on the hunt for the hidden assets of Middle Eastern strongment, she is drawn into a criminal intrigue that follows her home to Georgia.

“Exall does a superb job of adding layers…A suspenseful, intelligent debut mystery novel….” —Kirkus Reviews

An offer to help her mentor locate his estranged daughter takes Sarah McKinney to the Dordogne region of rural France. There, she uncovers a troubled history that parallels her own. To rescue the woman she has come to find, she must confront danger as well as her own demons.


“Exall’s writing is sharp and well-paced, with natural dialogue and gorgeous descriptions of setting.” —Chanticleer Reviews

“Nothing much happens in Britain during the week between Christmas and New Year.” Sarah McKinney’s plan for a cozy vacation turns towards terror when she travels to Britain for the holidays, and becomes embroiled in the search for a link connecting apparently random deaths.


“…good imagery and believable characters with great dialogue… the story is well crafted and is hard to put down.”

“A great job of plotting, characters and use of language!” Amazon 5 Star Review

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