Thanks to friend and blogger Dawn Landau (Tales From The Motherland) for the idea of making a list of all the things I’m grateful for, starting off the New Year with intention.

Setting the timer for 15 minutes, and flexing my typing fingers (both of them) . . .

Snow, which transforms trash heaps into beauty, and moonlit nights into magic.

Sunshine in winter, a rare and welcome gift in the PNW.

My granddaughters, so smart, so different, so beautiful, inside and out.

Reading, especially mysteries.

My mystery book group.

Writing, the ultimate escape.

My writing group.

Air travel, in the window seat on a clear day. What a miracle!

Air travel to distant places; this year, Amsterdam, Utrecht, London, the Dordogne, Devon, Montreal. So lucky.

Food, eating and cooking it. And growing it too.

British TV dramas, so superior whether costume/historical/ classics or gritty detective/psychological thrillers.


National Theatre Live at the movies.

My dog: we keep each other healthy and unconditionally loved.

My house, too big, driveway too steep, but I love it.

Mountains from a distance: they take my breath away.

My resistance group: what a bunch of inspiring women activists!

Young people, especially the ones I’ve met this year: Planned Parenthood teen Council, Students For Action, and others who are fighting for a better future.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Methow Valley News and journalists everywhere who hold the standards of accuracy and integrity.

My good health, touch wood.

The good health of my family.

The closeness of Canada, where I can go for a breath of sanity and reasonable prescription drug prices.

My Le Creuset casserole, lovely to look at and transforms beef stew into Boeuf Bourgignon.

Skyping with my sister each Sunday morning.

A spa pedicure

And so much more, but time’s up.

What are you grateful for? Grab pen and paper (or computer keyboard) and set the timer. 

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