A Slippery Slope


Introducing Sarah McKinney, lawyer and international mediator. Celebrating the conclusion of a case in London, Sarah is hit by a stray bullet. When she meets the intended targets, a beautiful young Jordanian woman and her lover, a journalist on the hunt for the hidden assets of Middle Eastern strongmen, she is drawn into a criminal intrigue that follows her home to Decatur, Georgia.

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A Dangerous Descent


An offer to help her mentor locate his estranged daughter takes Sarah McKinney to the Dordogne region of rural France. There, she uncovers a troubled history that parallels her own. To rescue the woman she has come to find, she must confront danger as well as her own demons.

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A Splintered Step



“Nothing much happens in Britain during the week between Christmas and New Year.” Sarah McKinney’s plan for a cozy vacation with her lover turns towards terror when she travels to Britain for the holidays, and becomes embroiled in the search for a link connecting apparently random deaths.

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An Azure Year


Red Wheelbarrow Writers' anthology Memory Into Memoir includes Marian Exall's prize-winning tale about her year living in the South of France.

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In 2017, the theme of the Whatcom Writes annual anthology was forgiveness. Marian Exall's short story Pipestone Canyon reflects on this essential ingredient in a long marriage. 

In 2019, Exall's submission was again included in the anthology. Memorial pays homage to a World War II hero, and his daughter, now 92, who honors his memory.


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Left On The Shore

Exall's contribution to this collection, Left On The Shore,​ recounts the experience of a would-be e

Exall's contribution to this collection  

recounts the experience of a would-be emigrant from Liverpool in 1912—her grandfather. 

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Works In Progress

Family Histories

 Exall is working on a series of short stories based on family anecdotes and set in Britain between the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries.   Left On The Shore, in the anthology So Much Depends Upon . . .  is the first to be published.

World War Two novel (untitled)

Inspired by a true story of heroism, the narrative traces the intertwined histories of two mother-daughter pairs through the chaos of war and its aftermath. Exall has been struggling to write this novel for a decade. Publication date: uncertain